Zero to $100 Million with Miki Agrawal (ENGLISH)


This genius turned building $100M+ companies into a replicable formula 📈📈📈. Her name is Miki Agrawal, and you can discover the secrets she gathered from multiple businesses.

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Breakthrough Ideas Don’t Need Fancy MBAs. Or Fat Bank Accounts.

Miki is living proof that a breakthrough idea – and the business it grows into – can come from anywhere and anyone.

She started hers from scratch. Often with virtually zero capital or experience.

And in the Zero To $100 Million program, you’ll discover how you can too.

All through a remarkable business building process that gives you absolute clarity of vision…

Fills you with boundless creative ideas that elevate you far beyond the limiting rules and beliefs about business…

And empowers you to take decisive action in all the right directions.

You don’t have to wait until you’re ready.

Or even until you’ve gathered the skills, time, or resources.

You already have everything it takes to build your $100 million brand.

And the right time to do it is now.

About Miki Agrawal, Creator Of Zero To $100 Million

Miki Agrawal is a high-impact, highly unorthodox social entrepreneur known for building game-changing multi-million dollar businesses through creativity and disruptive innovation.

She is the founder of the period-proof underwear company THINX, alternative pizza company WILD, and TUSHY, a revolutionary bidet company that’s changing the way Americans use the toilet: all with a collective valuation of $200+ million.

Miki’s business and philanthropic ventures have transformed tens of millions of lives, and earned her an endless list of accolades for entrepreneurship, leadership and creativity: including from Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, Time Magazine, and the World Economic Forum.

She is also a bestselling author, a former professional soccer player, and a magnetic stage speaker with glowing endorsements from many of today’s leading business visionaries: including Bill Clinton, Mark Hyman, and Wholefoods founder John Macker.

Through her debut Mindvalley program, Miki’s goal is to uplift entrepreneurs of all levels with the realization that through the right steps and guidance, anyone can envision a revolutionary idea that grows into a transformational brand and business.


Trainer Credentials

  • Miki’s accolades include placements in Fast Company’s ‘The Most Creative People’ and ‘Most Innovative Companies’, The World Economic Forum’s ‘Young Global Leaders’, INC Magazine’s ‘Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs’, and Time Magazine’s ‘Best New Inventions’.
  • Her two books (Do Cool Sht and Disrupt-Her) are #1 international bestsellers on Amazon.
  • She regularly speaks on the world’s biggest stages – including Harvard Business School, the Conscious Capitalism Summit, the United Nations, TEDx, P&G and more.
  • Miki was voted Mindvalley’s #1 best speaker in 2019, and is constantly in high demand among Mindvalley students worldwide.



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